For Patients

Providing CLARITY for providers and patients working with and living with Heritable Thoracic Aortic Disorders.

What is CLARITY?

the Collaborative for Longitudinal Aortic Research In The Young

Through a multicenter collaboration, CLARITY is:

  1. Collecting the largest cohort of patients with longitudinal aortic imaging and clinical outcomes to date
  2. Combining imaging and clinical data with other published data and collaborating registries to create microsimulation models for predicting dissection and mortality over a long-term horizon through childhood and child-bearing years. These outcomes will be individualized by gene and specific patient characteristics to allow for a precision-based medicine approach.

  3. Performing collaborative research to aid clinicians with risk prediction and the provision of optimal care.
  4. Supporting informed decision making in patients with aortic disease when considering intervention or treatment with medication.

  5. Providing infrastructure for future longitudinal studies needed to best serve patients in the HTAD community.

  6. Using our findings to leverage research targets for randomized controlled trials in the HTAD population.