Dr. Gregory Perens


Dr. Perens trained in pediatric cardiology at UCLA and has been a member of the cardiology staff since 2006. His clinical interests include Marfan syndrome and related aortopathies, 3-D printing and virtual reality assessment of congenital heart disease to plan surgery and cardiac catheterization, and echocardiography.

Dr. Perens has been involved with outreach missions in Peru, visiting there many times with Corazones Con Esperanza mission to provide cardiology care to children there (heartswithhope.org). He is also actively involved with Camp del Corazon, a free camp for children with heart disease.

Dr. Perens, along with Diagnostic Cardiovascular Imaging runs the Congenial Heart 3-D Printing and Virtual Reality team. He creates 3D models of complex congenital hearts for surgery and catheterization planning.

He is the director of the Pediatric Marfan Clinic. This clinic offers screening and diagnosis for Marfan and related disorders. The cardiology team works closely with Genetics, Opthalmology, Orthopedics, and Surgery to offer all needed care for these patients. Patients are transitioned to the UCLA Adult Congenital Heart Team after age 18 years.