Dr. Rajesh Krishnamurthy


I am a Principal Investigator at the Research Institute and Director for cardiothoracic imaging at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH), and Professor of Radiology at The Ohio State University, in Columbus, OH. I am fellowship trained in nuclear medicine, pediatric radiology, and pediatric cardiovascular imaging, and am enriched by 21 years of clinical experience working with and leading inter-disciplinary teams, and more than a decade of participating in cutting edge collaborative research in cardiovascular disease in children with researchers from cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, imaging, and biomedical engineering. I served as radiologist-in-chief and director of the Pediatric Advanced Imaging Resource (PAIR) at Nationwide Children’s Hospital from 2016-2021, where I crafted a patient-centric vision for imaging by creating the Children’s Imaging Biomarker Alliance (CIBA), whose goals are to promote standardized imaging approaches and appropriate imaging utilization in children to enhance impact and safety, develop tissue-specific imaging biomarkers and patient-specific solutions in children, and improve the value of imaging in pediatric disease. I have a strong leadership record of multi-institutional research collaboration and data sharing for development of pediatric imaging biomarkers, being the past chair of the Pediatric Imaging Research Committee at the American College of Radiology, and PI for the Imaging Registry for Orphan and Rare Disease (I-ROAR). One of my major interests is the reduction of the use of sedation and radiation for pediatric imaging through development of free-breathing and non-sedating alternatives for MR imaging in children, as well as CT techniques that remove the need for sedation and breath-holding and reduce the amount of radiation exposure to the child. As a member and leader of national groups that are instrumental in the development of clinical guidelines that are used by the government, insurers, and hospitals, I have championed the cause of safe, appropriate and standardized use of imaging for common clinical scenarios in adult and pediatric cardiovascular disease.